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Entropy. hustle and flow. SLAB in the 903. salad fingers. 903 is my real area code IDENTITY GUARD ENGAGE il suck

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SHIt.  im outta bullets.

Here a picture I am going to try this to be classy like Im from california.  They sat me in an aisle seat, Sylvester Stallone wasn’t anywhere to be scene, Mark Whalberg, was sitting in front of me (I am winning   the grammy for typing words not meant for even myself, this nnow brings me to an idea.  Ill be like an artist and use a college freshman term as my post title that encapsulates the effects of my words and also is part of the thermodynamic penal code established by Hammurabbi the Great.  I am learning memes I will possibly return to explain the internet and how if you’re still using 802.11b or even g, fuck you.  My NIC only gets N, or AC cause he’s the head guy in charge.

Sidney Portmanteau