i wasn’t unconscious. i also am typing this last. how do you know the title? musicians name the album when it’s done.

aww shit i typed in the quick type and now there’s all this formatting.  WYSIWYG.  l2p if you don’t know what that means, that was a moment in computing history, a small step for man but a big one for computers, the computer feels somewhat personal to me these days i can’t type anymore.  Publish, google plz cache this so nothing good will come and some small microprocessing chip thing somewhere will be filled with memory because you’re trying to take over the world, which I have to say I commend you on because it’s a very popular idea if feasible and you’re not being a dick like hitler and ruining a generation of peoples lives for a decade and far past.  I’m glad the nuclear bomb was used and I am sorry for everyone that was killed, but I think if it had never to this day been used, the super megaton shti we have 50000 ub the sky and 20 leagues under the sea may be used.  Some very intelligent person predicted a 50% chance that the human race will survive to see the year 2100.  That’s ballpark quota (educated quote) but it’s interesting to think about.  MAD cow disease doesn’t exist.  mutually assured destruction is the notion, for all the non-contextual-readers if you somehow haven’t heard that before is the  idea that

I am yes indeed Vladimir Putin, commander of Rusha (phonetic idiocy whoever went with rouge-ia) as well as Ukraine when I get bored and my borscht taste like what you say meatloaf.  this is like your music rock stars yes?  DIO and Final Fantasy.  Back to the point, putin is powerful if you look at him and ask yourself if he looks confident.  of course he does.  He doesn’t want to die though.

That’s why he will not use his nukes, and why getting rid of 30-40% of nukes makes sense is beyond me (although is it GOOD) jeez incremental change we can believe in let’s try that on gun control but we can’t pass laws because mitch mcdonnell is a giant turtle in the gastrointestinal tract of the american dream.

But you get kim dong un and he just enjoys his walls, why haven’t we attacked north korea?  that seems like it would be more worthwhile, james franco did it with seth rogan.  ppl are starving.  we have bill gates jimmy carter and both bush presidents, wait the two bushes are not doing humanitarian work unlike the former 2 who are changing the world, 1 3rd world country at a time go bill clinton go jimmy carter and go bill and melinda and warren and me once I release my jump-2-conclusions mat.  Bye.

and my little brother said something like “cool man. oh yeah this has those nice duck feathers.” First thought: eh? this coat has duck feathers on the interio- then I snapped back to reality whoop there’s no gravity, and had a second thought: My little brother shouldn’t be able to point to a coat my aunt/gma gives me and know that it is duck feathers. I don’t fit in clothes that well, I’m basically the Vitruvian man.

I stand in that position all day, but I do have a bigger dick. At least according to 2 or 3 “doctors”. Anyway the point is, he bought two $400 belts in 1 day, while shopping with his girlfriend a couple years back. Gucci and stuff like that. He was offered a new washer/dryer by my grandparents (I was as well, the appliance name has fallen behind the technology and I believe the noisemaker, the “oh shit that sounds like my phone” rictus (that was auto-corrected for me.

B-something was the name of the belt I’m trying to think of. Nobody looks at this.

I am a man and I didn’t know there was a good wife. Then I was like “oh fuck it let’s see how good she is” since she’s all like holding trophies on the red walk down the ceremonial carpet to help support epilepsy and ultimately, epileptics. It takes 2-3 months of training with NASA like my girl Sandy Bollocks (phonetically pheasible miss congeniality pronoun ciation citation i’m rhyming like a crazy white honky. fuck it sue me. you’d think i just watched 8 mile on hbo night night and felt nostalgia in my kia sport sedan van I can fit 6 kids and the band inside my green environment-loving eco-friendly ride. I’ll kill a mother fucka that tries to cross me toss me a line I’ll spit it right back but you better be ready because it’s going to be on fire because i spit hot fire man. yhess?)

Diddy doesn’t know who he is. “if i could do what I wanted everyday, I would fuck, play video games and have a ham sandwich” and first off, that’s a shitty “i’m rich this is what I want to do”, second, he would bore of it eventually. Athletes struggle hard with this one. once they get toward the end of their career, they hit a homer and not a simpson. If the glove fits, you must quit. Acquittals. Skittles. Treyvon’s gone. The killer’s been proven to have switch or two needs turning’ on. BC he got in trouble again for i don’t know, beating the shit out of his wife? speaking of repeat offenders. I mean OJ was not guilty, bc something about a bronco (probably not payton manning guys this was like during the 80s/aids/hair less dense (women would make their hair like bigger than their face… How about just let it flow

That’s what god sorry God lets the rivers do. but when he made the rockies he was like, this is a good spot for charlene’s “coors train” thing, and maybe we can film some of dum and dumber in aspen, and thus the rocky mountains to the east, the rivers flowed likewise. Likewise to the west. It divides america. And now they are all high.

Btw i was looking at some other countries and theres a lot of them and we are trying to help but I read some of the koran last night and it’s even worse than the old testament. I love all peoples. Except white people. We fucking suck.

you guys, i’m

ps, just fucking kidding chill out, elected in 1960 meant he had to have at least been born in ’25 so JFK would be 90 years old, my great uncle is 94 and still paints. why do the g good ones have to go. I mean it’s good though because they go to heaven. People should be resolute in action and circumspect in consciousness objectivism. Repudiating the torrid vapid mongrels of Sudanese dicks (the bad guys, aka Dolph Lundgren or whoever the Russian from Rocky is. Rock IV. He lost mick. Apollo was a star warrior, he was forgetting how to speak english, but he fucking did it again.

And that’s what america is about. Re-dos. If you aren’t black/gay/hey i’m naming off minority groups.

See the problem is lobbyists. Which is the problem with capitalism. Government itself has to remain outside of the capitalistic cacophony of pitiful drivel guised in cloaks of axe body spray, ocean spray that shit is good, and some compensation in the form of bravado, mis-placed self-confidence from the semi-conscious decision not to look within, to never let your self feel inspired, witness the beauty enough to break down and weep like a widow. To open themselves up to the spiral of our humanity, as we all weave and swing on the spirals that form a collective conscience known as morality.

GTG guys and gals, ice road truck drivers and the show where they open lockers and make it look like “you could make money; driving a truck!” we are not liable for clinical depression or inevitable addiction to cocaine

Cocaine is one hell of a drug.

Would you like some pancakes charles murphy?

Purple rain, doesn’t exist. prince is stupid, maybe he had some light on or was at the aurora borealis also called the sky of the south.

The north isn’t clean and is arbitrary. The wall of the north, Jon Sleet or Snow, give him a sword, give him his bow, 3 arrows to dispatch of deanerys stormborn’s progeny so, a swift blowjob well done she is dead oh she negotiated a peace settlement. My punctuation, that is to say my clerical error, completely changed how the story went.

$800 on belts…fuck that shit. give me back my sound bar assgike. Lol if your right hand isn’t lined up right asshole comes out assgike lol.

For the horde.


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